Electronic Car keys (Computerized Keys)

An electronic car key works by sending a code that must be read electronically before a vehicle’s engine will start. When you attempt to turn on your ignition, your car has the ability to self recognize whether the key contains the right code or not. If it has the right code, the ignition will deliver this information to the car’s computer, which in turn will start the engine. This interaction between the car’s immobilizer system, transponder, and computer ensures extra, computerized anti-theft security.

Computerized keys were first introduced in the late 1990s. Unlike earlier car models that use a standard locking mechanism system, today, more than 95% of a car’s locking system is operated by the car’s computer. Modern car models use transponder security keys. Changes are constantly made to improve automotive security. Using specialized tools and high security machinery, Empire City Locksmith is always up to date on the various changes that are made to automotive locks.

We have state of the art duplication machinery using computer controlled cutting equipment and machines that will produces keys from just a key number. We have computer equipment that can plug directly into the cars management system that will enable us to add or delete keys from the car onboard memory. We also have equipment that can clone or copy the electronic code from vehicle keys and put it onto new ones.

Multi-function electronic car keys seem like a good idea. Many of the newest electronic keys can stay in your pocket or purse while you push a button to start your vehicle. Others have a computer chip that is recognized by the car, making theft via a fake key much more troublesome. But what happens when these keys are lost or stolen? Because of their nature, these keys can't simply be cut by a locksmith or hardware store. And getting them through a dealer can be difficult and expensive.

Currently, many vehicle owners seeking replacement keys are forced to use a facility of the manufacturer's choosing, leading to less competition and potentially higher costs of repair. Even worse, these facilities may not be open on nights or weekends, causing a delay in obtaining a replacement. Sometimes, consumers have to wait days to obtain a replacement key for their vehicle, and that can be frustrating.

Empire City Locksmith Automotive Department is available to assist you 24 hours a day.


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